If you’re in the market to buy a new or used home, let us begin by saying congratulations! Transitioning from renting a place to owning a home is a major life milestone and something that every homeowner should look back on with pride. As you very well know, there are an incredible number of things to consider when deciding on the right house to purchase. Finding a place within your budget and getting a good deal on a mortgage are only a small part of the house buying equation. The condition of the house (if buying used) presents an overwhelming amount of considerations including the condition of the roof.

Your Local Roofing Repair Specialists

As Queens residential roofing experts ourselves here at Superior Touch Roofing & Contracting Inc., it is our job to keep the roofs of Queens and various New York residents safe and in good condition. So, when it comes to knowing what you should keep in mind as far as the roof on your prospective house purchase goes, let’s just say that we have some authority on the matter. Believe it or not, the roof is actually one of the most expensive parts of a home, so it certainly warrants a thorough inspection. For those looking for roofing repair and installation services, consider yourself “covered” by us. If you have any questions about our residential roofing services, shoot them over to us via our contact page.

How Old Is The Rooftop?

By standing at a distance in front of the property’s roof, you’ll be able to investigate a few things. One of the most important things to keep in mind about a roof is if it’s mold-free or not (more on that below). You’ll also want to make sure that the surface of the roof is perfectly flat with no curly edges or bulges. If you see any noticeable deformities in the roof, such as shingles missing, this most likely indicates that the roof is fairly old.

If possible, ask the current homeowner or realtor about the lifespan of the roof. Roofs are commonly made from materials like composite, metal, tin, rubber or cedar shingles. A roof made from composite shingles helps the roof last for a longer period of time without any difficulties. Other common materials, on the other hand, may require further inspection and potential maintenance on an annual basis.

Does It Have A Good Ventilation System?

Even if everything checks out during your informal roofing inspection, if it doesn’t have an appropriate ventilation system or mechanism, you could very well be facing major issues down the road. A ventilation system that allows sunlight and air to come in and circulate is necessary for a strong, sturdy roof. A lack of roof ventilation can also lead to the formation of…

Mold On The Roof

Mold is a pesky little fungus that comes in different colors like dark, white, green or black. Some molds are noticeable to the naked eye when they become severe, but others aren’t so easily seen. A moldy rooftop is usually a direct result of water intrusion from the roof. More often than not, homeowners will see the mold, get it fixed, and pay no mind to the source that caused the mold in the first place. Indeed, mold will return back to the same spot if the source of the leak is not fixed. Water will puddle and spread in the house in which the drywall will start to absorb it. Though obvious, trust us when we say that you do not want water to gather inside your walls.

Mold on the rooftop is bad for all aspects of your home and roof. Not only does it negatively affect the look as well as your home’s value, but it also causes bad odor. Naturally, there are a number of health risks associated with breathing in mold-laden air. If you spot mold anywhere on the roof, get the roof repair experts on the scene as quickly as possible.

Check The Rooftop Downspouts

This one doesn’t take too long, but ensure that all rooftop downpipes are properly releasing water into stormwater wells and not right onto the ground. If you can, do a little research about the flooding history of the area or the property in question. Excessive water flowing around the rooftop downspouts can mean that the soakwells are no longer the appropriate sizes, which may eventually necessitate a costly cleaning process.

Keep An Eye Out for Breaks And Leaks

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when people picture a damaged or faulty roof? Leaks. Rooftop leaks play a vital role in damaging the floors and structure of a house. Not only that, but leaking can harm your furniture, valuables, and electronics, and even destroy the paint and walls of a home. Even worse, once leaking begins, it is usually fairly difficult to track the source of the leak, leading to wasted time and frustration.

With that being said, it pays to thoroughly inspect the rooftop for leak points before you purchase a home. It might even be necessary to investigate the valleys and smoke chimneys, and if this is beyond your ability, get the roof inspection experts (us!) involved.

Have Confidence In Your Roof

With the power of our Queens residential roofing repair services, you’ll be able to purchase your home knowing that any potential problems with the roof have already been addressed. For other roof maintenance or roof restoration services in the Queens and New York area, let Superior Touch Roofing & Contracting Inc. help you out!

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