As NYC homeowners, we know the value of having good quality materials installed into our homes. We ensure that our roofs are made with the best products, our systems are installed correctly, and that our windows are working correctly. Your home’s windows are an essential part of how well many of your systems operate.

Window Services

  • Window Installation
  • Window Replacement
  • Window Repair

The Value of Quality Windows

Many people don’t realize the multiple reasons why having properly functioning windows in their homes is vital. It might be easy to assume that all windows are created equal and one installation is as adequate as another. However, if your windows were installed incorrectly, are aging and starting to fail, or are of poor quality, it might be time to consider having your windows repaired or replaced. Let’s discuss the reasons for having proper functioning windows in Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau County, or your home in the Bronx.

  • Reducing Energy Bills – If you’re used to paying an arm and a leg for your heating and cooling, you might not realize that the reason your energy bills are so expensive is that your home’s temperatures are escaping out of your windows and this causes your furnace or HVAC to run more frequently. Ensuring that your windows are correctly sealed, and even having your single pane windows replaced with double paned ones can substantially add to your home’s insulation. When comparing it to months and months of high energy costs, the cost of replacing your windows will probably save you so much money in the long run.
  • Environmentally Friendly – With all of the toxins and chemicals being pumped into the air at rapid rates, it’s so important to make sure that we all do our part. As we discussed above, if you’re using less energy, your home will be more environmentally friendly. And a great way to ensure that you’re using less energy is to make sure that your windows are doing their job and insulating your home well. Not quite sure how environmentally friendly your windows are? Contact us! We’d love to help in any way that we can.
  • Noise Cancelling – Many of us New Yorkers who live in busy areas are used to a certain amount of noise. If you live near high traffic areas, super close to your next-door neighbors, or close to train tracks, you are accustomed to hearing the many sounds of the city. But did you know that having quality windows installed can actually help to keep the sound out of your home? Double paned windows that are properly installed will work wonders where your old windows failed. If you’re ready to bit the bullet and have your windows replaced, contact us at Installation Service and Repair!

Common Reasons for Window Repairs

Let’s say that you don’t need new windows; you’ve had quality windows installed in your home, but you’re thinking you might need some window repairs. Truthfully, we’d hate to replace a fully functional window that either wasn’t installed correctly or simply needs a repair or an adjustment. We get all kinds of calls for window repairs and we’re definitely equipped to take on whatever window issues you’re encountering. Some of the most common reasons to need window repairs are:

  • Windows that won’t open or won’t stay open – If this is the case, the answer might be as simple as replacing the hardware or adjusting the sash supports.
  • Worn or old sealing or weatherstripping – If you’re feeling some drafts coming in your windows, the problem might not be with the window itself.
  • Non-functional locks – When your window locks don’t work correctly, your home is put at a security risk.
  • Damaged screen – When you screen is damaged, it can make your windows start to look bad and it won’t function properly when the window is opened.
  • Broken or foggy glass – If the glass is foggy, chances are that your window seal or weatherstripping needs to be replaced. And if your glass is broken, the panes can easily be replaced.

Contact the Experts

If you’re in need window repair or window replacement in Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, or Nassau County, contact Installation Service and Repair, Inc. Check out our site for more information. We are your go-to contractor for windows, roofing, gutters, carpentry, siding, and so much more! Contact us now!